About TeamWorks


In 2010, Lincoln Hills Cares teamed up with TEENS, Inc. with the goal of creating a paid educational work experience that would connect youth from different backgrounds to one another and to the mountains of Colorado. The program strives to develop the next generation of young leaders in a safe, supportive work environment that empowers them to develop confidence, responsibility, work ethic, and new skills.

The first TeamWorks crew consisted of 6 crew members; 3 youth from Denver, and 3 from Nederland. Over a decade later, TeamWorks has grown significantly, employing 72 Front Range youth on 6 crews based in Denver and Front Range mountain towns. TeamWorks crew members continue to work in diverse teams of urban and rural youth, fostering the development of inclusive communication and leadership skills. 

TeamWorks Mission:

Connecting young people to nature and community

What We Do:

TeamWorks provides an educational work experience and the opportunity for youth ages 16 – 20 to develop collaborative skills within a diverse group. Through various types of conservation, community-based, and trail projects, TeamWorks exposes youth to potential career paths, positive role models, a variety of perspectives on the environment and conservation. Crew Members are part of a TeamWorks community and many return for multiple summers to further develop professional and leadership skills, foster a culture of environmental stewardship, and maintain lasting positive relationships.

Core Tenets

The TeamWorks Core Tenets are an important aspect of programming and planning, and are incorporated into most aspects of the season. Crews will learn about and discuss the tenets regularly, and will receive feedback from crew leaders in relation to their performance in these areas. The ultimate goal is that each individual grows in all of the following areas throughout the summer:

  • Healthy Risk Taking – Extending personal boundaries or comfort zones in a safe setting as a means for personal growth.
  • Professionalism – Practices in the workplace that demonstrate an employee is reliable, respectful and competent.  
  • Inclusion – An atmosphere in which all people have access to the same opportunities.  Individuals feel valued, respected, a sense of belonging, and are encouraged to bring their whole, unique selves to any situation. 
  • Collaboration – A joint effort of multiple individuals or work groups to accomplish a task, project or goal.
  • Leadership – The processes and efforts a person uses to help those around them achieve a common goal.
  • Environmental Stewardship – Responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

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