Our Team

  • All TeamWorks crew leaders and staff have previous experience working with youth in the outdoor
  • All crew leaders attend an extensive 10 day training prior to working with crews

The Administrative Team

Ariel Gustafson

TeamWorks Program Director

Ariel has been working with TeamWorks since 2016, starting as a crew leader. Ariel has eight years of experience as program director for youth programming. She spent three years as a field instructor, running experiential educational programs with a focus on the environment in Central and South America. Ariel is fluent in Spanish and has an M.A. in Latino Studies with a concentration in cross-cultural education.

Email me: Ariel@teensinc.org

Melissa Elbert

TeamWorks Program Manager

Melissa grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and did not discover her passion for the outdoors until her junior year of college.  While studying psychology at Denison University, she had the opportunity to study abroad in New Zealand, where she was first exposed to the world of mountains, backpacking, and the glory of being immersed in nature.After this life changing experience in NZ, Melissa spent the next 9 years of her life leading teen and young adult crews in different Conservation Corps, working on adult trail crews, guiding backpacking and camping trips all over the US, and exploring the world with nothing but a backpack and a pair of trail runners. 

Through these life experiences she discovered her passion for working on public lands with youth from all walks of life, and is thrilled by the opportunity to introduce young people to nature.  Melissa spent her first summer with TeamWorks as a supervisor in 2017, and is so excited to share and expand her knowledge as the Teamworks Program Manager!

Email me: Melissa@teensinc.org

Meet Our Rockstar Team
of Crew Leaders:

Zia O’Neill

Zia grew up in the Green Mountains of Vermont and then graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from Skidmore College. While biking across the country, she discovered the Rocky Mountains and knew she had found her new home. Zia served two years as an AmeriCorps in Boulder, working as an environmental educator and then as a high school tutor. She then headed up into the mountains to work as an outdoor educator in Florissant. Zia is excited to return to the Front Range this summer and continue sharing her passion for the great outdoors with Colorado youth.

Thomas Welby

My name is Tom (or Tommy Joe). I am from St. Louis Missouri. During the past two years, I taught fish farming and HIV prevention in rural Zambia (south of the DRC). I enjoy playing guitar, hiking, video games, and drinking hot cocoa. I am excited to work with TEENS, Inc. this summer as a trail crew leader and get some dirt on my hands.

Jack Douglas

My name is Jack Douglas and I am currently a Masters Student studying Natural Resource Management at CSU. I was born in Colorado and have lived here for most of my life. Since graduating from Colorado College in 2016, I have spent the majority of my time working in experiential and environmental outdoor education programs domestically in Colorado and California and internationally in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Iceland! I love to get outside and have a strong sense of responsibility to preserve and protect our beautiful wild spaces and ecosystem services. When not working, I love getting outside to run, hike, climb mountains, backpack, ski and float down rivers. Beyond the outdoors, my other great love is music! I have played guitar, harmonica and sang since I was a wee lad, and am currently actively playing in a Rock’n’Roll band called Tommy the Animal! Check us out on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music. I am thrilled to work as a Crew Leader with TeamWorks and TEENS, Inc. this summer and I look forward to meeting all the wonderful people involved with the program. Do or Mildew!

Anne Gundrum

Hi! My name is Anne Gundrum, and I will be one of the Crew Leaders for the TeamWorks Program this year. I was born and raised in Franklin, Wisconsin and received my Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville with a major in Biology and emphasis in Zoology. Shortly following college, I worked as a Veterinarian Assistant at the Muskego Animal Hospital to prepare for vet school to become an exotic animal veterinarian. After working at the clinic for several months, I decided that the veterinarian career path was not for me. About a year later, I moved to Porter, Indiana to begin a job at the Dunes Learning Center as an Interpretive Naturalist. Through this job, I created and presented interpretive programs to both children and young adults about the flora and fauna in the Indiana Dunes National Park. I also participated in stewardship programs such as invasive species removal, gardening and trail maintenance. I absolutely loved my job! I enjoyed interacting with people of various backgrounds to teach them about how amazing and important the environment is.

Outside of work, I like to learn about and look for various reptile species in the wild. My favorite reptile are snakes! I have found over 10 species of snakes in the wild from Wisconsin and Indiana and am excited to explore other states. I recently received my Venomous Handling Certification in Jacksonville, Florida through The Rattlesnake Conservancy, so I have handled venomous snakes as well! I also enjoy swimming, hiking and learning how to cook exotic cuisines from different parts of the world. Lastly, one of my favorite things to do is travel, so I am so excited to move to Colorado and start my new job as a Crew Leader!

Andres Lopez

Light hearted, easy going, and constantly curious about the living world, I love facilitating experiences that connect people of all ages to the lands that sustain us. Interests include cracking jokes, learning about plants, and dreaming of a more beautiful world. I’ve found that conservation work is some of the most fulfilling work you can do, and I’m eager to give back to our public lands with the help of the TeamWorks community!

Katherine Harvey

Katherine grew up just outside of Nederland, CO and has worked with TEENS, Inc. in various roles since she was sixteen, including the summers of 2015 and 2016 with TeamWorks. She’s been involved with TEENS, Inc. programming for way longer than that, having attended their school dances in the sixth grade (luckily, there’s no photographic evidence). After graduating high school, she took a very convoluted route to get an English degree, which involved about five universities. Around that same time, she spent two years in state government, teaching adults how to talk to teenagers; lived in England and traveled to nine more countries; and ran a summer program for kids in the remote badlands of Wyoming. She loves working with teens & spending as much time as possible outdoors, so she’s stoked to join TeamWorks for her third season. Outside of work, you can find her cooking, backpacking, or doing yoga.

Collin Olson

Hi there! My name is Collin Olson. Growing up in Minnesota, I fostered my love for the outdoors by going on trips to the Boundary Waters with my family. I then moved to Colorado to go to the University of Denver. While here, I continued in my outdoor pursuits by exploring the Rocky Mountains for school and during my free time. Upon graduating, I made my way to a few far corners of the world, teaching and guiding along my way. I have now come back to beautiful Colorado and hope to keep spending my time working and playing in our spectacular backyard. These days, you can find me adventuring with my dog Oki and my wife Rayna, continually searching for and listening to new music, and trying to find new recipes to try out in the kitchen.

Aubrey Garner

Hi! I’m Aubrey and I will be a crew leader this summer. I am originally a flatlander and grew up in Texas and spent most of my childhood outdoors romping around and climbing trees. After escaping to Pennsylvania for several summers to lead groups at a sports and arts camp I fell in love with the mountains and leading youth. I have now decided to go back to school and am completing a new undergraduate degree for Natural Resources Management with Oregon State University Ecampus. Living in the front range of Colorado I am passionate about ecological restoration and spending every spare minute in the mountains. I also spend a lot of time gardening, trail running and doing photography. I am pumped to get to work this summer with the youth crews and other crew leaders at TeamWorks and become part of the family!

Erik Marquis

Oh hello! My name is Erik Marquis. Growing up in Northern California with the Sierra Nevada’s as a backyard I developed a passion for the outdoors at a very young age. Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe and routine trips to what’s known as the Yuba River are responsible for carving out such a wilderness passion so early. Following high school, my love for adventure led me to enlist in the United States Marine Corps, where I developed many necessary skills transferable into the outdoor industry. After being honorably discharged, I relocated to Denver, CO in June of 2014. Not having a clear career path, my early semesters at Metropolitan State University were spent searching for what felt right, until eventually I “stumbled” into Recreation Professions. While completing my degree at MSU, I secured an internship within the City of Westminster’s Parks Recreation Libraries and Open Space department where I was cross trained in essentially all sub-departments falling under PRLO (Open Space projects, Forestry, Rec Facilities, Standley Lake Park Rangers) as well as guiding weekly hikes and snowshoe trips. After graduating MSU, I still had remaining education benefits as a veteran so I decided to continue my education and enrolled in additional classes at Red Rocks Community College where I am currently pursuing dual certificates; Park Ranger Technologies as well as Outdoor Professional. Most recently, I underwent my first season as a Seasonal Park Ranger at Bear Creek Lake Park. I cherish my time and the experiences I had as a Ranger, but with such on emphasis on law enforcement and constantly enforcing rules and regulations I knew it was’t the perfect fit. Areas of the job such as resource interpretation, land management, program development, wildlife rehabilitation, site maintenance, as well as the obvious immersing yourself in the outdoors all spoke to me more than constantly issuing visitors citations. Upon learning of TeamWorks and their goals of conservation, as well as their mission of creating environmental stewards for the future, I knew this was where I was meant to go next and can’t wait to share my skills and knowledge as an Outdoor Professional. See you this Summer! 🙂

Calvin Eckert

Hi! My name is Calvin and I am a student at Metro State University in Denver studying Environmental Science. I’m originally from South Dakota, but I have lived almost all my life here in Colorado. In my free time I like to hike (you have to for this job) and go off-roading in my Jeep, so basically when I’m not at work you’ll probably still find me “at work”.

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