Hire A Crew

Thank you for your interest in supporting TeamWorks by hiring a crew!
If you would like more information, please contact Ariel Gustafson at ariel@teensinc.org

Who is on a crew:

2 Adult Crew Leaders

Up to 2 Junior Crew Leaders – Returning crew members who have shown a high level of leadership in previous seasons.

8-10 Crew Members – Half from Denver, half from a Front Range mountain town, and all are Colorado residents!

When we work:

The crew member season runs from June – August

Crews work 10 hour days, Monday – Thursday
(this includes drive time to and from the meeting site)

Providing an educational experience to crew members is an integral aspect of the TeamWorks Program, so we ask partners to spend time with crews at the job site:

  • Directing crews to ensure work is done in alignment with project expectations
  • Sharing information about the impacts of the project, the ecology of the area the crew is working in, and any other relevant details concerning conservation and public lands.
  • Discussing their personal career paths and other potential careers in the field.


TeamWorks greatly values exposing crew members to a diversity of conservation based projects, and we are always open to expanding the work we do! Our crews are commonly hired out to work on:

Trail Maintenance and Construction

Forestry and Fuels Reduction

Noxious Weed Removal

Urban Gardening

Watershed Restoration


Crew Costs

Generous support from Lincoln Hills Cares allows TeamWorks to pay fair wages to all of our employees while still keeping costs down for project partners. We understand that many public land managers and environmental non profits face extreme funding challenges, and we are happy to do our part to provide affordable work!

Reach out to learn more!

A huge thank you to our amazing partners who make TeamWorks possible:

Partner Testimonials:

The crew leaders were great! They were very attentive to what we were trying to accomplish and they reiterated it flawlessly. They asked for clarification if they weren’t sure of something and kept the team focused and motivated. I have nothing but praise for the team leaders and the crew in general. They did an exceptional job!!!
Thank you again for sending such a great group of young adults to help us. We look forward to working with TeamWorks again next year.

“I think it is great that there is a program like TeamWorks. that provides this amazing opportunity for so many young adults who normally would not have the chance to work in the conservation field in so many different natural areas Colorado has to offer. My whole crew really enjoyed our time working with the TeamWorks crew, and we all said it was one of our highlights of the summer. I really look forward to working with Teens Inc. next year.”

“TeamWorks. helped the Rocky Mountain National Park trail crew construct over 20 log checks over the course of four days. The crew supervisors were professional and natural leaders while the crew members had great camaraderie and a willingness to learn new skills and work hard.  The trail crew was impressed by the groups accomplishments and looks forward to partnering with Teens Inc. again in the future.”   

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