Important Dates and Crew Schedules

2022 Season Dates:

Crew Orientations:

  • Check back for crew-specific 2022 Orientation Dates! Orientation will be 2 full days on either Tuesday, June 7th; Wednesday, June 8th; or Thursday, June 9th.

Season Dates:

  • The regular work season will start Monday, June 13th. The last day of the regular work season will be on Monday, August 8th.
  • All crews work Monday – Thursday, 10 hours per day with the exception of Orientation Week, the week of Juneteenth (crews work June 21st – June 24th), and Independence Day Week (crews will work only July 7th).

Final Celebration:

  • Attendance at the final celebration is mandatory and will take place on Monday, August 8th!

Crew Schedules

Below are links to all crew schedules. Remember that all schedules are subject to change, so be sure to check in with your crew leaders if you are unsure if changes were made to your crew departure or return times!


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