TeamWorks Crew Members

TeamWorks is a conservation-based summer employment program for teens ages 16 – 20 around the Front Range. Scroll down to learn more about the program, or click on the button below to apply!

Why Work With Us?

TeamWorks crew members have the opportunity to learn valuable job skills and gain exposure to careers in conservation, natural resources, construction and community building. In addition to gaining tons of practical knowledge, getting stronger, and exploring beautiful places around Colorado, here are a couple more reasons to work with us:
  • Pay starts at $18/hour.
  • TeamWorks provides leadership positions for returning crew members.
  • This job looks great on your resume!
  • The season goes from June 7th – August 7th. Please see the Important Season Dates and Calendar pages for specifics on days off during the season.
  • With the exception of one week, work weeks are Monday – Thursday, which means almost every weekend is a 3-day weekend!
  • Spending time with peers all summer creates a sense of strong community within the crew, and allows crew members develop meaningful relationships with others during and after the season.
  • TeamWorks focuses on education, not just work! Crew members will learn by doing throughout the season, and will attend a paid education day focused on life skills and environmental stewardship.
  • All crew members who successfully complete the program after graduating high school will receive a $1,000 scholarship for post- secondary education. This scholarship is renewable up to 4 years with the maintenance of a 3.0 GPA.
  • Return participants are also eligible to compete for the $2,500 Osprey Scholarship.

Who is on my crew, and where will we meet every day?

Each TeamWorks crew is comprised of 2 adult crew leaders, up to 2 junior crew leaders, and 8-10 crew members. One of the most unique aspects of working with TeamWorks is our urban/rural model, with half of each crew hailing from a rural mountain town, and the other half coming from the Denver Metro Area. We make this work by having each rural crew meet in the morning at a specific location in either Nederland, Boulder, Idaho Springs, Bailey or Conifer. The urban-based crew will meet in the Denver locations of Aurora Central High School or Central Park Station. After gathering at their respective locations in the morning, each half of the crew will drive in a work vehicle to the project site, where they will work as a full team for the day!

View the Map Below for Crew Meeting Locations

What is a typical day like, and what type of work would I do?

Please keep in mind this is an example, actual times and projects will vary!

7:00-8:00 AM – Crews meet at designated meeting point to drive to work site. Each half of the crew will have different meeting times/drive times based on work site location and traffic.

8:15 AM – The Denver and the rural halves of the crew meet at the work site, and gather together for stretch circle and safety talk.

**Some of the places we have worked in the past are: Rocky Mountain National Park, Castlewood Canyon State Park, Floyd Hill Mountain bike trail, Buffalo Creek, Eldorado Canyon and Montbello Farms, to name a few!

8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Project work

**Projects vary by crew and week, but some examples of project work include: digging new hiking or mountain biking trails, building rock walls, constructing steps with wood or other materials, removing invasive weeds, covering up social trails or planting baby trees.  The work is generally physically intense and the weather can be extreme…ranging from very hot to rainy and cold. 

**Often times, crews split up into smaller groups to work on individual sections of a trail or project.  Crew leaders and project sponsors usually allow for flexibility in working on different parts of a project throughout the course of the day, 

**Throughout the work day, crews will have 2, 15 minute paid breaks and 1, 30 minute unpaid lunch break. During these breaks crew members can rest, have a snack, and enjoy one another’s company in a beautiful place!

4:00 PM – Pack up work site, count tools and debrief day as a group

4:15 PM – Leave work site with crew and drive back to meeting location

**There are times when half of the crew will have to leave the work site earlier than the other half to make it back so the work day does not exceed 9 hours.  When this happens, the half of the crew that doesn’t have as far to drive will spend time sharpening tools, doing lessons or continuing work for a bit longer.

5:00 PM – Arrive at pick-up location, crew members go home

What Past Participants Say:

“My time here working with Teamworks has taught me a lot about nature and stewardship, but also myself.  I saw the improvements we were doing and felt the joy of spending my summer outside; it has really inspired me to pursue a career in the outdoor industry.  I have tried to become more environmentally conscious by being aware of trails I am on, picking up trash, reusing so much, etc. I found something I am passionate about and I am thanking TeamWorks”

“This job has helped me become more comfortable taking healthy risks. In fact taking this job in itself was a risk for me. I came to work not knowing a single person on the crew, and as the summer went on I realized that the risk paid off. I had a lot of personal growth this summer and I would not have achieved this if I wouldn’t have taken the initial leap of faith.”

“I have never been happier than when I was working at TeamWorks before. I have a passion for helping out the environment and just the outdoors in general. TeamWorks gave me a feeling of accomplishment that is hard to compete with. I also miss working with the crews and getting to know people from completely different backgrounds. I ended up becoming very close with my last crew and I’d love to make more friends like them.”

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